Exercise is strongly recognised as an important component of diabetes care. Research has shown that exercise can provide benefits such as improving blood glucose control, reducing reliance on medication, improving blood lipids, improving blood pressure and quality of life. 

Our diabetes group exercise programs have been developed for people who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of developing diabetes. The program empowers you with the necessary skills and knowledge to assist in the management of your diabetes and chronic disease through exercise. Is it designed for you to be able to replicate exercises in the home to allow for long-term sustainability and lifestyle change.  

*We bulk-bill the Diabetes Program with Group Allied Health Services for People with Type 2 Diabetes referral from your GP.

*Private health fund rebates may be available 


Falls Prevention

According to the World Health Organisation, 493 Queensland residents died due to an unintentional fall, with nearly 95% being ages 65 years and over. Falls prevention is an integral part of physical well-being which is often overlooked. Muscular strength and power in the lower limbs, reaction time, balance and posture impact a persons' falls risk, however all of the above can be improved with correctly prescribed exercise. 

Our falls prevention group programs have been developed for people who are at risk of falls or who are 65 years or over. The program provides the necessary exercise intervention to improve your postural awareness, lower limb strength, coordination and reaction time, as well as balance.

*Private health fund rebates may be available